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Dust collectors upgrade parts - used and brand new replacements parts store.

Did you know that you can not only repair it but also upgrade it? Tune up your device!

External upper filter dust bag (10 cube meters capacity) + rubber hose.

Hex nuts and HEX HD NCR 50 mm diameter + lock washers.

Supercharged capacitor engine (90 HP) with electrical starter.

RF baghouse dust collectors (cyclonic components)
LP type collection
IRD + Barrel
FS/FT Pulse Jet
Series 50-80-90 or DB800


Modular pulsator welded air headers for the mining and minerals factories + work sites. : the installation time is estimated at 12 hours (requires 4 workers). During use, a module maintains a constant pressure but reduces it at 1% when no more particles are collected in the pipes in order to save on the energy (the machines is not working for no reason). Each unit is equipped with 2 bags (or capture cages) filled separately, preventing you from stopping the whole process and waste time to replace the baghouse. That way, the HEPA filtration system lasts and continues to collect wet or dry particles 24 hours / day without any prior thermal oxidizer mod made to the VOC unit.

Dry scrubber for factory floors

Steel cyclonic dust collectors

Donaldson and Torik make filtration systems using HVAC panel-mounted filters operate

Highly efficient MERV 17/Nanofiber media available for dust controlf for mining : Heavy duty high volume sprinklers

Welder working under a dust collector

High pressurer for compressed air pulse cleans the filters automatically from the air valve. The dirty air flow containing gas, dust and particles has to go throw a sequence of processes. The used parts are : cylindrical filter, yoke, conical filter, then the tube sheet. At that point, the next pipe has a compressed air manifold and a solenoid enclosure. L

Listed suggested prices for replacement parts made to fit with an ambient air tubesheet :

Power pack + cable connectors and battery charger (220 volts / 12 Amp) : 1800$
Clean-air plenum outlet : 350$
Dirty-air inlet : 250$
Helical baffle : 400$
Inner cylinder : 900$
Welded or flange type construction : 1200$
Cabinet base : ranging from 2400$ to 2500$
Venturi : 100$

The left and right brushes are fixed to the armature for a better control.

At the west garage door are 2 flex hoses along the blastgate, the lathe and the bandsaw. Main duct mounted below truss framing and ceiling envelope. The diameter of the bandsaw is 14'' inches. The drill press and the mortiser are surrounded buy the belt-disc sand and the oscillating spindle sander. The Shop-Vac is used as the back-up vaccuum dust collector with ambient air cleaner with carbon activated filter inserted into the dual router table.

Factory dust collector pipe fittings

1. Ductwork from Grimmel dust collectors shall be mounted high above ceiling grid or perforated metal wall panels.

2. Duct drops to each machine from above shall be with a 30 degree branc.

3. Shop vacuum to be used for sanding area with 4 inch thick sheet metal fittings and flex hose providing 4'' blast gates.

4. Permanent duct connections to be made with three aluminum sheet meta screews and duct sealant brushed on all seams.

5. Removable tin foil dust collectors surfaces for inside factory installation - connected to the washer and the dryer.

The side yard to lumber storage area (for wood dust) and finishing building is located near the southern wall, along the vertical dryer duct.

Industrial Dust Collector 1 (877) 482-6349 Businesses Only - Clean Up Your Factory With A Farr Dust Collector!

Dry downdraft tables - Hands free capture of smoke grinding, welding & sanding particles.

Second assembly table glue-ups for hand power tools.

Automatic blast gate basic circuit diagram : Motor rotation is vary according to the setting shaft up or down and whitch side of the equipment. If it rotates opposite direction, you need to exchange wiring at point A and B. Openside limit switch NC NO gate drive dc gear motor engine (propane or diesel). The small box is set in the machine console just near the woodworking machine + AC line. May also be used for the welding industry.

The powered fans have to be manufactured from nonferrous or non-sparking metal material in compliance with US and Canada regulations. This machinery is designed to collect workshop wood working eco-friendly dusts only that are directed towards the main cartridge disposal facility.

Dust collection solution for food processor and ingredient environment air pollution control AIB turnkey blower with bags.

Computerized control station for gas and fume dust collector (corrosion resistant if there is any water mist).
Control station for gas and fume dust collector


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